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Maniac Mansion is notable for having different ways to beat the game as well as different endings. This gives the game a replayability rarely seen in adventure games. Here's a list of all the endings, and what you must do to see them.

Note that I'm not explaining here how to perform each action (refer to the "Walkthrough" section for that), or how to kill a kid (refer to the "Ways to lose" section for that).

Dr.Fred apology

Either call the Meteor Police and have them arrest the Meteor (this requires Bernard), or, only in the Nes version, feed the Meteor to the plant. There are then two possibilities:

1) Dave is still alive

You will see Dave, Sandy and Dr.Fred standing in front of the house.
- Dr.Fred: "I'm sorry my mad, insane plan caused you so much trouble. How can I ever repay you for your help?"
- Dave: "Cash would be nice!!"
- Dr.Fred: "Don't be a tuna head!"
All look at the player.
(end credits)

2) Dave is dead

You will see Sandy, Dr.Fred and one of the remaining kids in front of Dave's tombstone.
(Note that if a second kid is dead, you will see two tombstones, but the dialogue is the same.)
- Dr.Fred: "I'm sorry my mad, insane plan cost your boyfriend his life. How can I repay you for what I've done? Hey!! Wait, I could build a machine that would bring him back to life! But that's another story. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
Dr.Fred leaves.
- Sandy: "Great."
(end credits)

Weird Edsel

You can do this with all the characters, as long as the Meteor Police didn't previously arrest the Meteor.

Get rid of the Meteor in Ed's car. You will see a screenshot of the Meteor in space, who apparently managed to get out of the trunk, and is now driving and having a good time.

After that, the ending is the same as the Dr.Fred apology ending, with two possibilities depending on whether Dave is alive or dead.

Talk Show

This requires Wendy.

Give the book publishing contract to the Meteor. He will instruct Dr.Fred to "release the women, all the women! We're going to be rich!".

You then see the Meteor being interviewed on Wink Smiley's talk show.

- Wink Smiley: "Welcome back from our break. We've been talking with the celebrity rock who gave up a life of crime for a career as a writer. So, Mr.Meteor, how does it feel to be famous instead of infamous?"
- The Meteor: "Well, Wink, it feels great. But, I couldn't have done it alone..."
The screen then pans to the wings. If Dave is still alive, you will see Dave and Sandy there. If Dave is dead, you will see Sandy and one of the other kids.
(end credits)

Bonus extra ending:

This requires Wendy AND Bernard.

Call the Meteor Police, then hurry and give the book publishing contract to the Meteor before the police arrive. You will see the talk show ending as described above, but at the end, the Meteor Police will appear and arrest the Meteor on live TV, saying: "I don't care if you've reformed, you're still coming with me!"


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